Founded on the belief that our gear should withstand the test of time and function in any given setting without sacrificing comfort, we at Urban Lifestyle are paving the way for easier shopping experiences and superior solutions.

No flash or frills here - simply rugged & refined goods. Inspired by urban professionals and working globe trotters as well as adventure junkies and outdoor aficionados, we strives to be a classic constant in a diverse and quickly evolving world.

Our mission is incredibly simple - to curate timeless and meticulously crafted gears for modern working man. Defined by smart ergonomic details, our fine goods seamlessly move with you from the office and to the streets of downtown. 

Whether you are dashing to your next client meeting or kicking back with a glass of scotch after hours, our goods keep up with the ever-changing needs of your urban lifestyle. From work to daily life, we believes in bringing you the best products that are at once refined, durable, and thoroughly functional.  

We source products that are urban, trend-setting, unique and functional. In a world that accepts the ordinary, we seek to design the extraordinary, with cases that stand out from the crowd of others out there.


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